The Baćina Lakes (Croatian: Baćinska jezera) are located in Dalmatia, Croatia. The pearl of unspoiled nature consist of seven lakes, whilst six of them form a bluish-green necklace. The lakes are located between the delta of the Neretva River, Adriatic Sea and the southern slopes of the Biokovo Nature Park, in the place called Baćina, close to the Port of Ploče. They are situated 100 km from Split and 100 km from Dubrovnik. The bottom of the Baćina Lakes emerges below sea level, whist their surface lies above it.

baćinska jezera

Things to do around?

Learn how to kitesurf as the Neretva beach is only 15 minutes by car from us. It is located at the mouth where the Neretva River spills out into the Adriatic sea. Constant NW wind, 4-5 bofor, sandy beach and shallow water make this spot perfect for kitesurfers, especially for beginners.


The natural surroundings of Baćina Lakes is a perfect place for various sports such as running, cycling, trekking and windsurfing. We are sure you will find the perfect adventure holidays in this area as well as the excellent gastronomic delights.